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Cool blogs.

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Cool Soap.


Good Bathing Soap

Bath, Soap

I hate bathing though love getting out so steamy and fresh,with the *fresh smell, so nice with my blue tranparent pear soap and I’ve got a new pear junior soap!

*Fresh smell, centrino, glitter and me made 3 meanings for it.
1-Coming out of the bathroom all steamy and the a.c swithed on and that makes a wonderful smell.
2-The smell of the freezer where the supermarkets, marts and stores stores(lol) the chicken and peas and french fries and nuggets(so tempting) it has a level of coolness you put your head in there and there’ll be a cool smell.
3-Umm…I CAN’T remember it, I’ve asked centrino and glitter, but they forgot it too!

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Pink Chamapgne

Hey, today I had pink chapagne and it fizzed up to my nose! And I went on drinking it, and got dizzy(this part is not true!)and when I finnished(it wasn’t fully finnished)then my mum spilled it into the tray and said drink it, then I drank it and kept the can in the saucer(it was a mini saucer and I was drinking from a small cup)and took the cup intead.

P.S I think I can sing catch me by Demi Lovato quite nicely.

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Cool Me.

I bought coooooool red boots yesterday, it’s my bday soon, we wen’t to the mall we were stuck for taxi, but this time we weren’t stuck, at all, there was not even a que(did I spell that right?)And an archie comic for my b’day, the boots were half for my b’day too, (I wanted to have skating shoes, not for bday, and skate in the mall but, they were small(I’M BIGFOOT)and they were soooo…boyish.
Anyway, I was angry and annoyed, nut anyway atlast we went to buy the archie comic and tom and jerry kids dvd,And I were on the red shoes, and…went home.No surprise for my bday,:( ): ”

And the mall we were stuck in means*
We were stuck in a mall waiting for a taxi and on new year, midnight!And only got home at 4:00!!!!!!!

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