Cool Me.

I bought coooooool red boots yesterday, it’s my bday soon, we wen’t to the mall we were stuck for taxi, but this time we weren’t stuck, at all, there was not even a que(did I spell that right?)And an archie comic for my b’day, the boots were half for my b’day too, (I wanted to have skating shoes, not for bday, and skate in the mall but, they were small(I’M BIGFOOT)and they were soooo…boyish.
Anyway, I was angry and annoyed, nut anyway atlast we went to buy the archie comic and tom and jerry kids dvd,And I were on the red shoes, and…went home.No surprise for my bday,:( ): ”

And the mall we were stuck in means*
We were stuck in a mall waiting for a taxi and on new year, midnight!And only got home at 4:00!!!!!!!

About Ariel Paris

I'm a girl. I am 9. And I don't know what to say.
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6 Responses to Cool Me.

  1. xxglitterxx says:

    Lol, you’re so funny -admitting urself to have bigfoot! XD Yes, ur new red glossy boots were very trendy! And u looked great in them -despite the fact that it made u walk weirdly, and it made me think u were trying to be this “im so cool” girl, but nevermind.

    U could have wrote the entry more nicely so readers could understand it clearly. But it’s k, that was how U viewed it. 🙂

  2. Centrino says:

    hey, u said the word ‘anyway’ and ‘bday’ a bit much. I think if you add more things to this blog like some widget or a moving item it would make it more lively. plus your english grammar is kind of, let’s say, not the best. atleast on this blog. I’ll be watching for your next post!

    P.S. you sort of reminded me of Hannah Montana when you wore your red boots. and, oh yeah, the correct spelling for ‘que’ is ‘queue’. lol. I don’t know why they have to double the ‘ue’, it seems useless to me, takes more space. 😀

  3. Ariel Paris says:

    You know, this is sooooooooo annoying, I thought it might be like that but…I deleted it!

  4. Cindy says:

    You should post a photo of your boots (:

  5. Ariel Paris says:

    Sorry I can’t, and I’m trying to update this blog more.

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