Pink Chamapgne

Hey, today I had pink chapagne and it fizzed up to my nose! And I went on drinking it, and got dizzy(this part is not true!)and when I finnished(it wasn’t fully finnished)then my mum spilled it into the tray and said drink it, then I drank it and kept the can in the saucer(it was a mini saucer and I was drinking from a small cup)and took the cup intead.

P.S I think I can sing catch me by Demi Lovato quite nicely.

About Ariel Paris

I'm a girl. I am 9. And I don't know what to say.
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11 Responses to Pink Chamapgne

  1. Cindy says:

    I never had that before o: I wanna try it oneday(:
    I would love to hear you sing(:

  2. Centrino says:

    wait a minute, that wasn’t pink champagne! that was soda! only pink and with a different flavor.

  3. Jasmine says:

    Lol, that was so cute of you!! XD
    I think u can sing nicely according to your age. But I hate it when you exxxxaggerate the nice parts DL sang and you think it’s great how u sang it. So yeah, wish you could show a vid to cindy! After all, she’s not bad. 🙂

  4. Ariel Paris says:

    HAHA!I wanted you to be silly!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DMTBM, That is sooooo silly!

  5. Ariel Paris says:

    Cent and Glit said you’ll think I’m like keirashooter, is that true?

  6. Jasmne says:

    haha, she was just saying she didn’t drink pink “champagne”. Instead she had Dana fizzy drink. Lol, nice lying, dude. Great job. 😛

  7. Stop being so sarcastic and all.I’m SERIOUS!

  8. Ariel Paris says:

    UHMMM!Is that true????

  9. xXGlitterXx says:

    What? What i said was true. And i can be sarcastic however i like. B)

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