Cool Soap.


Good Bathing Soap

Bath, Soap

I hate bathing though love getting out so steamy and fresh,with the *fresh smell, so nice with my blue tranparent pear soap and I’ve got a new pear junior soap!

*Fresh smell, centrino, glitter and me made 3 meanings for it.
1-Coming out of the bathroom all steamy and the a.c swithed on and that makes a wonderful smell.
2-The smell of the freezer where the supermarkets, marts and stores stores(lol) the chicken and peas and french fries and nuggets(so tempting) it has a level of coolness you put your head in there and there’ll be a cool smell.
3-Umm…I CAN’T remember it, I’ve asked centrino and glitter, but they forgot it too!

About Ariel Paris

I'm a girl. I am 9. And I don't know what to say.
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6 Responses to Baths

  1. Centrino says:

    yeah, i love those smells! i cant remember the 3rd one either. this is so annoying!!

  2. Ariel Paris says:

    Umm…can that food press go away?Like…shut up the thing(I’m NOT trying to be cool or something) 0:

  3. Jasmine says:

    I love it when I come out from my shower and it’s so cool, not the “cool dude” cool, I mean like it’s so nice and breezy cool. And I think I also like the smell of shampoo or the nice smell when a person comes out from a bath, smells clean.

    And I love fresh girly perfume too, not to forget my ‘Oceania’ oil attar from the body shop!! It’s great.

  4. Ariel Paris says:

    And think I need a bath.

  5. Ariel Paris says:

    I had bath recently and I put my new bedsheet and my bed looks awesome!

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