Ariel Paris’s Questions & Answers.

Hey, wanna ask some questions?

You can ask me anything.
Including:My eyes have dark circles around them or I look ugly or I have a problem or I don’t have a friend.

Just email me at
And don’t worry, I’m ten and I would not do bad things:like take your information.

-Ariel Paris.

4 Responses to Ariel Paris’s Questions & Answers.

  1. xXGlitterXx says:

    Lol! That was funny. Umm..I dont need advice. haha! XD

  2. xXGlitterXx says:

    p.s. what if someone asked you to sort outta cookie-dough problem?! XD Lol, i dont think there is anyone here who needs advice bout that

  3. Cindy says:

    ha, I’ll keep this in mind(;

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