Fill a form like me.(If you want

When did you start reading:4-5 (Only abc actually)

What are you currently reading: Conspiracy(Lady Grace Mysteries, gonna finnish it, my Big sister has Conspiracy, Haunted, Jinx, Keys and loot.) and the pet keeper fairies, rainbow magic, Katie the kitten fairy.

The series you read:Lady Grace, I read them probably 3 times, Jaqueline Wilson, I read Dare game 11 times or something and Candy floss 5 times, and lots more I read millions of times.Ladybird books (when I was small.)

Here’s your form, just copy it and comment.

When did you start reading:

What are you currently reading:

The series you read:

8 Responses to Books.

  1. xXGlitterXx says:

    I think you should continue with your blog! ^_^
    It’s nice -what you’ve done and guess you should make it more interesting!

    Here’s my form:

    When did you start reading: I don’t exactly know. Maybe 3 or 4?

    What are you currently reading: Keys from the Lady Grace Mysteries. It’s a page-turner!

    The series you read: Umm, I don’t exactly understand the question but I read all the Lady Grace Mysteries books you mentioned and if your question was ‘What series I like reading then it’s LGM, Jacqueline Wilson’s novels (do they count?) and yeah, I think that’s about it.

    You know u can add a ‘Videos’ page, a ‘Forum’ or ‘Chat’ page or something u like to make this blog more lively. 😀 But u dont need to do all that, it’s just a consideration.

    Ok then, waiting for more improvements!
    -Oh, yes, and don’t u start getting busy with ur blog instead of studying!! 😛

    -Jasmine/ Glitter

  2. Ariel Paris says:

    Here my story.

    The Mystery Of The Mysterious Meeting! Part 2

    The new characters in this story are: Noa, Emerald and Whitney, And they join our old friends: John, Lily, Lola, Golden Mist and Tyler, They are on a mystery, when they notice that this new boarding school was a frightening old place! Get on reading this story to find out… Who made this place? And how do those People called Jessy Scarlet and Mr. Jelli, live there? What is going on with their Mysterious Meeting? Find Out By Reading…

    The mystery of the mysterious meeting, Part 2!

    Characters: 6 girls and 2 boys. There are more friends on part 3!P.S they’ve had a holiday, so that made them forget the mystery!


    The Story

    ‘Hey wake up lazy bug!’, shouted Lily to John.
    ‘Ok, ok. Just give me a few minutes!’,John mumbled.
    ‘NO! Now, or…else…’,Lily said.
    ‘Your such a pain!’,shouted John, Getting out of bed.
    John got out of bed and headed to the door.
    ‘Hey, you’re not going out like that, are you?’, asked Lily, surprised.
    ‘Oh, I forgot! Sorry’, John said.
    As soon as they got dressed, they headed to their classrooms.
    And when they started the first lesson, John just drew monsters in space and rocket ships in his maths book. John’s teacher came over to check their work they’ve done so far. When she came over to John’s desk, she tutted. She was a good teacher so she just said to stop drawing and get working.(She was called Miss Meleny.) So he had to work until break time, and while he was writing all his work, he missed the other lessons they learned, and had to copy his friend, Jible Jog’s work! And when John finished all his work, he was very relieved, and went straight to his and Lily’s room. Lily was there already, waiting for him. But when he went up to her, he was surprised at Lily’s shocked face.
    ‘Whats the matter, Lily?’, John said.
    ‘I have big, shocking news.’, Lily said, quietly.
    ‘Oh boy! Tell me all of it!’, John said excitedly.
    ‘Doesn’t mean its goodnews’, Lily said.
    John sagged. ‘Well, just tell me, atleast’
    ‘Well…’,Lily paused. ‘Golden mist is leaving on 24, and Lola is leaving on march 23rd, right on my birthday!’
    ‘Oh, how awful! At least we can have a little party the night before she leaves!’,John suggested.
    ‘Oh, you are the SMARTEST brother in the world!’, Lily said, hugging him.
    But after he went to the right side of their room to get a glass of water, he heard her mumble ‘But the naughtiest!’.
    He got angry. But he couldn’t talk more because he was very thirsty. He went and got some water, drank it until there was half left. He ran to Lily and poured it all over her! Lily screamed in a high pitched voice. John ran under his bed on the right.
    ‘JOOOHN! Whats the matter with you? Are you crazy?’, Lily screamed.
    ‘You said I was the naughtiest and that means I’m bad, so I took revenge!’
    ‘Whats going on up there?’, the cook shouted.
    ‘NOTHING!’, John yelled.
    ‘Liar! There is something! It’s not nothing!’,Lily told him, whispering.
    ‘Whatever!’,John said right into Lily’s ear.
    Lily took a deep breath.
    ‘Hey, I just remembered, that… umm… that mystery, remember?’,Lily said, pausing every now and then.
    ‘Do you… like… er, remember that? The mystery of the mysterious meeting? Or was it “The mystery of the secret secret”? ’, Lily said, muddled.
    ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m not a muddle middle meddle like you!’,John said, rudely.
    ‘You surely have forgotten that! I think we should get on with the mystery!’,Lily answered back.
    ‘It’s not a…’,John paused.’It’s not a mystery… it must be a kid who wants to trick everyone!’
    ‘But he was tall!’,Lily protested.
    John gave a little shrug so that Lily could not see. ‘Then he must have put on sticks! Cant you use your brain?!’
    ‘Stop pointing to your head, John. You look like you’re mad or mental!’,Lily said, quite loudly.
    ‘No telling any bad words!’,The cook told them, standing at the entrance.
    ‘We weren’t telling no bad words!’,John said,hurriedly.’I mean We weren’t telling bad words,Mrs. Georgia.
    Mrs. Georgia was a fat cook. She was sometimes pleasant but mostly not!
    ‘I…er…Weren’t…er…I wasn’t telling bad words!’,Lily said, scared and fidgety.
    ‘You did,and no ever lyin’!’,Mrs. Georgia.
    ‘She didn’t!’,John said, quite sternly.’And nor did I!’
    ‘Now,now. DO NOT USE THAT TONE WITH ME!’,She boomed.
    ‘Yes I can!’,John said,daring to stick out his tongue at her.
    ‘NO YOU CANT!’,She yelled back.
    John stuck out his tongue as he dared.
    Mrs. Georgia pushed him hardly.
    John did the same.
    ‘GO AWAY!’,John yelled.
    ‘YOU SHUT..’,She said, but John gave her a little slap.
    So there was a pushing and shoving fight.
    Lily went to her bed,took her comforter and quilt, and then went under her bed, and huddled snuggly. It was very clean.“Maybe I’ll stay till the fight is over.”she thought.
    But the fight wasn’t even near the ending of it.
    By that time her body was aching all over.
    But an hour later,it stopped.
    Lily peered out of her bed,John came to her,he was RED in the face!
    ‘What happened?’,Lily said. ‘John I wont have you getting into fights with MRS.GEORGIA!’
    John panted and jumped on to his bed.
    ‘Now, John. Get yourself anothercup of water.’
    ‘Get it for me!’,John panted.
    ‘Ok. Ok. But promise me you wont fight again with Mrs. Georgia!’,said Lily, still under her bed.
    ‘Yes,Yea,Yep.’,John managed to pant out.
    Lily got out from under her bed,Dumped her blankets on her bed, got a cup,filled it with water and gave it to John,who panted loudly.
    ‘Thank… Glug… Glog… Gollog…Gulp’,John said,not even saying the “you”!
    ‘Huh.’,Lily said pouting.‘No P’s and Q’s!How mean!’
    ‘Sorry. Too thirsty. Yes, and I agree that we should get on with the mystery. Just in case…’
    ‘Ok.’,Lily said, lightening up in an instant. ‘But I thought you said you wouldn’t want to!’
    ‘Well, now I do!’, John said.
    ‘Ok what do we do now? Should I get some food for you while no one’s looking?’
    ‘Yes… Ifyou can’,He added.
    ‘Ofcourse I can!’Lily said, crouching down.
    Soon she was crawling down the stairs.
    And then she got to the kitchen.
    She got some milk chocolate for herself and fruits, bread, eggs and juice for her brother.
    She went up the stairs, trying to balance them, and at last, she got to their room, and gave it to John, she took the milk chocolate. John grabbed them and stuffed them into his mouth.
    ‘Eat nicely, John!It looks like you’re wasting the food!’, Lily said,frowning at her brother.
    ‘Hmm…I ameating nicely!I’m Just hungry!’
    ‘GIVE ME SOME MORE!Stingy girl!’,John yelled,rudely.
    ‘Never!I wont till you say it with P’S and Q’S!’
    ‘Well… Iwill, then!’
    ‘Then I’ll come too!’
    ‘You greedy girl! You just want to grab milk chocolates and fatten yourself!’
    ‘No I will not!I just want to search some recipe books and make them at home when we go for our one-day holiday!’
    So down they crawled, down the stairs and into the kitchen.
    ‘FOOD!’,said John, licking his lips.
    Lily searched for cooking books while John grabbed food and stuffed them in his mouth and pockets. When his mouth and pockets were full, he stuffed them in Lily’s pockets, and then Lily’s mouth!
    Lily looked shocked. Then she frowned.
    ‘Stop it!You cant even eat all these!’,Lily whispered with a full mouth with tomatoes. And she put her hand in one of her pockets, and pulled something out.
    ‘HORSE RADDISH?!You hate HORSE RADDISH!’,Lily said whispering loudly with a shocked face.
    ‘Leave it!Just take them with us and pick the food we don’t want and creep back down and put them back!’
    ‘Sounds like a lot of work!’
    ‘It soundslike!But it isn’t!’
    So up they crawled again. Got to their room and started to sort them out.
    ‘So…did you get a cooking book?’,John whispered after they sorted the food out.
    ‘OH NO!I didn’t!NO,NO,NO!And it’s your fault!’
    ‘How?How can thatbe?’
    ‘You stuffed food!’
    ‘It’s not a big,big,bigproblem!’
    ‘And how is that?’
    ‘Our second trip!’
    ‘We can take it on our second trip!’
    ‘Ok. Now eat!I want to get the cooking book before the cook might take it!’
    ‘Gobble…Gabble…GOLLOP’,John ate.
    ‘Actually…You don’t need it!You can get one at home!’
    ‘Oh. Come onJohn,You know I want the pretty covered snowflake cook book!’
    ‘A…HA!There!Lie for material!’
    ‘I did not exactly lie!’
    ‘Yes you did.’
    ‘Whatever!Come on, I just ate finish. Come!
    So…Crawling down like doggies, they got there.
    They searched for the cooking book.
    It seemed to have gone!
    ‘Maybe the cook already took it!’Lily gasped.
    They searched once again. Lily had a smile all over her face. She looked like she was going to burst with her news. You must be wondering what it is!
    ‘See this…’She whispered loudly,picking a letter out of the cupboard. ‘It’s a letter!The Mystery?’
    John grasped the letter tightly,breathing heavily.

    He read out loud.
    ‘Good!We are on our mission!Now We are going to get you Jelli!’John said triumphantly.
    ‘Oh my!There’s another!There’s another!,’Lily exclaimed.
    ‘Another what?’
    ‘Another letter,dumbo!’
    ‘Oh really?,’John said, disbelievingly.
    ‘Why should I ever joke?!’
    ‘Because you are like that!’
    ‘Oh whatever!’
    ‘I’m reading it first’
    ‘I like to read it!And you already did.’
    ‘I like to read it out myself!’
    ‘Oh look. Why don’t we both read it out together?’
    ‘Good Idea’
    ‘You would never say that’
    ‘Yes I would!’
    ‘Oh well. Lets read it’
    ‘Dear Mr. Jelli, I’m calling a meeting tonight. You m—,’They read together.
    ‘Your breath is making me feel hot!,’John said.
    ‘I was going to say that!’
    ‘Ok. Again.’
    ‘Dear Mr. Jelli, I’m calling a meeting tonight. You must come at on the dot ,’They read.
    ‘OH MY! LOOK!,’Lily said.’She’s having a meeting! We can follow him!’
    ‘FOLLOW WHO?!’A gruff voiced person spoke.’Who? What are you doing here?Who are you?What are you doing?FOLLOW WHO I SAID!’
    The gruff voiced person was Mrs. Georgia!
    ‘You again John? I’ve had enough of you! Shoo away.’
    ‘Oh no,’ Lily whispered.
    ‘Not again!’ John said.
    They went away with the letter in their hand.
    They ran up their room, and sat on their beds.
    ‘Keep the letter carefully and hide it,’ John said. She hid it under her bed.
    ‘We have to sleep, but we’ll only act to be asleep because of the meeting. Ok?’ John whispered.
    ‘Here come’s Miss Tasha to check whether we’re asleep, quick, we haven’t even dressed yet!’
    They dressed in their pyjamas as fast as they could, closed the door quietly, switched off the light and went to bed.
    ‘Hmm…Good. Checked.’ said Miss Tasha and she walked away.
    ‘Phew,’ said John.
    ‘Come on!’
    ‘No, not now, you silly girl, Miss Tasha will catch us coming out of the door.’
    They waited and waited and waited.
    Then they went out of the door when they heard clattering footsteps along the corridor and they looked around.
    ‘Come on.’ said John.
    They walked along the corridor and went to the kitchen again to check whether there was any more letters, the kitchen was dark and they couldn’t see and the light wouldn’t switch on so they took their torch and went into the kitchen again.
    ‘There’s another letter!’ said Lily.’And it’s torn!
    ‘The one Mr. Jelli wrote was just nonsense, would this be the other half of it?’
    ‘! Hey it’s my turn to read it now by myself, you already did by yourself.’
    She shone the torch to the letter and read it out.
    ‘I’m going to the meeting at 2:00am is that alright?’
    ‘We’ve come too early it’s only twelve!
    ‘We’ll go find Lola, Tyler and Golden mist.’
    ‘Come on then.’
    They woke them up and told whatever they found out.
    They followed John and Lily and while they waited they started playing a game of Snakes and Ladders.
    Then they heard footsteps.
    ‘Quick let’s hide,’Lola spoke.
    They ran into the kitchen and hid in the cupboard.
    Lily was afraid that it wouldn’t hold them so she searched for a place to hide, she had no choice but hide in the cupboard.
    The footsteps came in the kitchen, they peeped out of the cupboard.
    There was a man with a grey hat and a women with long brown hair and another man with spectacles.
    ‘Hey why is the kitchen in te same school?’, said the man with spectacles.
    ‘Because the school is too small, Richard,’said the women.
    ‘Hey, I think that women is Jessi Scarlett!,’ whispered Lily.
    ‘It is!,’ John whispered.
    ‘And why is that Lily and Jack staying together?,’Richard said.
    ‘John!Not Jack. And they are staying together because there is no space in the other dormitory,’ Scarlett said.
    ‘So let’s have the meeting, let’s hide these profiles.’
    ‘Ok. In here’
    And they hid it in a bottom cupboard.
    ‘Ok let’s go to the room, the meeting room,’ Jessi said.
    ‘I don’t know where to go’,Richard said.’I’m new’
    ‘In the underground room, a secret room for our meetings.’
    ‘Ok.But can you give me a tour first?’
    ‘Sorry, no time.’
    ‘Ok lets go then’
    And they walked away from the kitchen.
    ‘Come on,’John said.
    They came down on to the countertop, and searched in the bottom kitchen cupboards.
    ‘Hey!I can see some profiles!,’ said John.
    ‘I can see: Mine, John’s, Lola’s, Tyler’s, Golden Mist’s, Jelli’s, Scarlett’s and Richards. Wow!That’s a lot!’,said Lily.

    Name: Lola
    Age: 8
    Gender: Female
    Birth Date: 27th, January, 2002
    Country: Britain
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye color: Green
    Skin color: White
    Short story about her: She was born and when she was 7 she went to Edinford Boarding School.

    Tyler William
    Age: 8
    Gender: Male
    Birth Date: 12th of Februry in 2002
    Country: Britain
    Hair color: Light brown
    Eye color: Grey
    Skin color: White
    Short story about him: He was born and was put to school as soon as he was 3.And soon as he was 6 he was put to a boarding school called Edinford Boarding School. And then he became 8.

    Name: — John Harris
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Birth Date: 1999.
    Country: Britain
    Hair color: Dirty Blond.
    Eye color: Blue.
    Skin color: White
    Short story about him: Went to school at the age of 5.

    Age: 9
    Gender: Girl.
    Birth Date:2001, 23, March.
    Hair color:Blonde
    Eye color:Blue
    Skin color:White
    Short story about her: Born and when she was 5 she went to EdinFord Boarding school.
    Height:Not short Not tall.

    Age: 20
    Gender: Male, Man
    Birth Date: 1992, June, 4th
    Country: America and Britain.
    Hair color: Dark Brown.
    Eye color: Dark Brown.
    Skin color: White
    Short story about him: ……….Came to the Gang group.

    Name: Jessie Scarlett Thomas
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female, Women.
    Birth Date: 1990,May, 8th
    Country: Britain
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Skin color:Light Tan.
    Short story about her: Unknown
    Height: Unknown
    Width: Normal

    Name: Michael Jelli Daniel
    Age: 22
    Gender: Man, Male
    Birth Date:1990,
    Country: America.
    Hair color: Beige
    Eye color: Brown
    Skin color: White
    Short story about him: Unknown
    Height: ?
    Width: Normal, a bit plump.

    Richard. Scarlett. Jelli.

    ‘My, that’s a lot.’

  3. Ariel Paris says:

    @Glitter:Thanks And I actually tried doing that but, Well you see, we need realplayer so…I am trying to download it these today.

  4. xXGlitterXx says:

    Oh, alright.

    You should check out my blog after some time because I’m updating something and if u wanna break the surprise, well, i cant stop u. 😛 But there’s nothing interesting ATM.

  5. Ariel Paris says:

    Soooo…Cindy, if you read this, you’ll be reading a half book for the competition.

  6. Cindy says:

    I like your story a lot. John and lily are funny together and the whole part with john and Mrs.Georgia getting in a fight was also funny to me…
    && thanks for adding the description of all the characters it really gave me a better image(:
    Def. keep writing(:

  7. Ariel Paris says:

    Thanks and I forgot the pics. of jelli, scarlett and richard.coz I hav to sign in to do it.

  8. xXGlitterXx says:

    Actually I don’t like the way John and lily are in the story but you can improve.

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